Logan Anderson is a 29 year-old musician and producer aiming to create music for film and television. An emphasis on rhythm, piano, guitar, and vocal harmony is threaded throughout his work, and—though it’s difficult to pin his music to any single genre—listeners will at times draw comparisons to a variety of indie rock acts while other times being reminded of soaring thematic soundtracks to their favorite movies.


Logan's initial interest in music began with the drum set at the age of 13. That same year he started writing music on a Yamaha keyboard, using stock instruments, but came to realize he was restricted by the limited prescribed options. This motivated him to learn or even make the instruments himself in order to achieve the organic quality he was after. “I soon discovered that experimenting and creating my own sounds allowed me to produce the dynamic energy I desired in a song.”


Rather than adhering to a specific recipe, Logan’s music portrays life’s beauty and chaos in varied audial scenes ranging from majestic landscapes to bustling city streets. He hopes to compose for the screen and help tell its visual stories through music with inspiration from big names such as Hans Zimmer and Thomas Newman, and his wide range of offerings exemplify this goal. “I have a constant creative itch,” says Logan. “I write for the sake of art. When I have an idea for a song I let it go where it needs to go—I don’t worry about forcing it to sound a certain way according to what I’ve done before.”


This philosophy is reflected on Logan’s two self-released albums, Nomad, the debut effort in 2014 that offered the first glimpse into his creativity and experimentation, and The Company, which displays a matured focus and production, aided by a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015.


Logan currently lives in Ashland, Oregon, and is accompanied by his wife, Hanna (vocals, strings) and his friend Dave Hart on guitar. His music can be found on Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes.


Written by Tyrel Anderson