Instrument Archive

If I had every instrument known to man, I probably wouldn't need to dig around the house to find stuff to use as percussion in my songs. Large arsenal of instruments or not, I always enjoy finding random things to bang on. This archive highlights a few of the things that ended up being quite useful to me on Nomad. I understand I need to update this list to include things used on The Company. I'll get there!



   Thanks to dry food for serving as                 Plastic sticks found in shoe packaging. Used in place

   shakers in almost every song.                      of drumsticks in many songs.



    55-gallon metal barrel used as                     My wife's sewing basket. Played with the sticks in the

    the main drum in several songs.                   above photo. The main click heard in "Free".

    Drum condition is post-recording

    and music video filming.



    The lid for the 55-gallon barrel in                 Played with a butter knife, this dish created the 

    the above photo. Used as the big                 triangle-type sound in "Sleepwalk". 

    crash/echo sound in "Free".                          



    Though they don't produce a very               Mr. Handy Dandy. Played with the plastic sticks from

    rich sound, these PVC pipes can                  top photo. Thickened up the clapping in "The Wuss". 

    add some fun clicks and pops.                      



It took me forever to find the right corner to hit this plastic tool kit in order to get the

        "crack" I was looking for. But persistence prevailed! Combined with some distortion,

         this seemingly insignificant object is heard as the snare-type sound in "Nomad". 



          Probably the ugliest thing ever used in any of my music: plastic bags taped to a 

          storage bin. Getting a "thud" from the bin and some crisp from the bags, this beautiful

          piece of work produced the typewriter sound in "Time Keeps Running Away".